Learning Network

Learning Network

Shared learnings, regional excellence

Our Approach

For every community, the journey to the Neighborhood Health System starts with organizing key community stakeholders.

For many communities, local governments and fire departments are already leading this effort with their roll-out of Community Paramedicine - Mobile Integrated Health (CP-MIH) services.

The Learning Network brings together pioneering CP-MIH programs from across the region to work together, learn together, and accelerate development of the Neighborhood Health System.

For more information on joining this learning network, please contact Adam Davis: adavis@healthcommonsproject.org

CP-MIH Founding Members

Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority
Renton Regional Fire Authority
Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue
City of Seattle Fire Department

CP-MIH Learning Network Focus


Share Workflows and Best Practices


Evaluate and Pilot Test Digital Tools


Connect with Funding Partners

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