Our Services

Our Services

Shared learnings, shared costs.

What We Do

Health Commons offers four highly integrated services to help our member communities accelerate development of the Neighborhood Health System.

To ensure each Neighborhood Health System is successful and sustainable, our agree members share learnings and technology costs with each other. 

Learning Network

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Key regional stakeholders exchange best practices that simplify and streamline development of the Neighborhood Health System.

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Care Design and Technical Support Services

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Using our proven model, we speed-up and scale-up public health services by helping communities recruit local labor, raise capital, and access the best science and technology on the market.

Access to Best in Class Technology Vendors

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We help your community select, pilot test, install and manage best-in-class technology services. We leverage the purchasing power of communities to keep technology costs affordable.

Innovation Fund

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We provide start up capital to help you design, develop and test your new Neighborhood care service. When your new care service is ready to market, we then connect you to the right funding partners to sustain the service.

Featured Work Of Our Members

At the Kittitas County Health Network, Community Paramedics are working together with local healthcare and social service providers to improve care for individuals with complex behavioral health needs.

In South King County, jail providers are working together with local healthcare and social service providers to improve care for people with Opioid Use Disorder.

More About The Commons Technology Network

Health Commons Project is vendor agnostic, Our aim is to make sure vendors understand how their technology will used by our members in the neighborhood setting. Our vendor feedback includes how technology will be used by individuals with different skill levels, the different languages they speak, the types of devices they use to do their work and the different locations and situations in which they provide care (including virtual care). Health Commons believes closing technology gaps is critical to the delivery of better public healthcare.  

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