Accelerating equitable access to care

Accelerating equitable access to care

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Our Mission 

To close health equity gaps in underinvested communities.

We believe that all people deserve access to the care they need, regardless of their social, economic, or cultural circumstances.

Health Commons Project helps local communities set up, scale, and sustain Neighborhood Health Systems, our vision of a fully integrated healthcare network. 

Care Coordination before the Neighborhood Health System

Fragmented Care


Care Coordination after the Neighborhood Health System

Fully Integrated Care



image of primary, secondary, and behavioral health care services separated from exterior support services


image of primary, secondary, and behavioral health care connected to exterior support services with health care providers in the middle

Our Approach

We operate a public health service accelerator that works closely with labor and technology partners to bridge gaps in health care services for underinvested communities.


Our Services

We provide our partners with the strategic support, infrastructure, mentorship, and capital they need to  implement and sustain programs on-the-ground. 

We offer four highly-integrated services to help partners accelerate and extend essential health services and information for the communities they serve.

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