About Us

About Us

Regional collaboration, local impact.

About Us

About Us

Regional collaboration, local impact.

Who We Are

Health Commons Project is a member-owned 501c3 non-profit.

Our members include communities, healthcare and social service organizations, technologists, social entrepreneurs, and social impact investors.

Our Story

Today, 12 Million “high-need” Americans fall through the cracks that exist between healthcare and social services. The lack of integration between these two sectors is the primary driver of human suffering and wasteful spending in US healthcare. In 2016, healthcare and social service agencies in Washington State were testing new ways to form fully integrated care networks. A group of communities determined that service integration was too complex and too costly to execute alone. Instead of duplicating and siloing efforts, they decided to work together, learn together, and share the costs of developing integrated care networks. Together, they launched The Commons.

Today, Members of the Commons are working together across the region to make local impact.

Our Team


Executive Director Health Commons Project


Director of Community Partnerships


Sustainability Advisor


Director of Marketing and Brand


Population Health Advisor


Behavioral Health Advisor


Clinical Advisor


Community Advisor

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